Miami-Dade & Broward County Disaster Food Stamp Crisis

According to a story on WLRN Public Radio and Television in South Florida, people waiting to receive disaster food stamps (D-SNAP) in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, following Hurricane Irma, have been subjected to extremely long lines, and sparse accommodations for people with disabilities.

The long waiting lines have prompted the University of Miami Workers Center to file a lawsuit requesting federal judges to provide a way for people who aren't able to stand in exceedingly long D-SNAP application lines due to a disability.

Because of fraud concerns, there is currently no way to apply for disaster food stamps online or over the telephone. Over the next week, there is to be a decision made on whether or not to amend the rules, due to the hardship placed on disabled individuals.  You can read the full story by clicking on the following link:

Need To Register For Disaster Food Stamps? Prepare To Wait In Line (And In Court)

Riverhead Couple Accused of Stealing Half a Million Dollars Worth of Food Stamps

Ravinder Parkash Being Led Out of His Convenience Store Next to the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center,

An article in the Riverhead News Review reveals that a couple, Ravinder Parkash and his wife, Prabha Rani pleaded guilty to felony misuse of New York Food Stamps and grand larceny.  Mr. Parkash also pleaded guilty to money laundering.

Apparently, here's how the dirty dealings went down, Between the months of April 2010 and May 2013 Parkash and Rani conspired with dozens of food stamp cardholders to process fake SNAP Benefits transactions at their gas station and convenience store.

The couple then paid the New York Food Stamp recipients half the value of their transaction in cash. Then, the couple turned around and charged the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the full value of the transaction.

Afterwards, Ravinder Parkash laundered the fruit of his ill-gotten gains through a bank account he set up for New York State Lottery sales - this dude and his wife are in hella trouble, read the full article below:

 Riverhead Couple Pleads Guilty to Food Stamp Fraud

Wisconsin FoodShare Worker Convicted of Food Stamp Fraud

According to WCCO, CBS Local in Minnesota, a Wisconsin woman, Cassandra Williams, a 49 year old office clerk who worked in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin FoodShare office (Wisconsin Food Stamps), has been convicted of Food Stamp Fraud, and has been sentenced to 10 years. 

Williams will spend 5 years in prison and the other 5 under supervision.  The article did not say exactly how Williams benefited from the fraudulently obtained food stamps, but you can read the full article below:

Court Upholds Sentence for Woman Accused of Food Stamp Fraud

Glen Falls, NY Man Charged With Felony Misuse of Food Stamps - A Big Joke!

According to the Post-Star, 26 year old Michael Dean has been charged with a felony for misuse of NY Food Stamps. Basically, Dean failed to report his income, address, and household composition size when he was receiving NY SNAP Benefits...

Apparently, the horrible criminal got away with all of $1,896 in fraudulent benefits, police said. The two Super Heroes who handled the horrific case are Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin W. Conine and Department of Social Services Investigator Barbara Meade... Is this kind of petty B.S. all these people have to do?

It probably cost them more money to investigate the case, then bring this "criminal" to justice through the court system.  Good Job! 

Read the original article below:
Man Charged with Felony for Alleged Misuse of Food Stamps

How to Apply for Tennessee Food Stamps (2015)

Wow! It appears the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) is still far behind the times. In order to apply for Tennessee Food Stamps in 2015, you have to visit your local DHS office.  Those backwards idiots need to be ashamed of themselves for being one of the only states to not allow the struggling people of its state to be able to apply for food stamps online.

Now, before some half-brained Republican reads this post and thinks I'm whining about the luxury of online applications for Tennessee SNAP Benefits, I'm applications are simply more efficient and economical for both the states and the applicants... The process would be quicker, and it would require less employees to initiate paperwork.

Anyway, I digress. If you need to apply for food stamps in Tennessee, visit your local DHS office - they will, at least, allow you to print off an application to fill it out ahead of time. 

Check out the two links below:

Tennessee Department of Human Services Family Assistance Application (click to print)

Tennessee Department of Human Services Local Office List and Map (click to print)

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