Newsflash: Republicans Just Learned that Having a Job May Not Be Enough for Self Sufficiency

According to Fox News, economists have discovered that having a job may no longer be enough for self sufficiency.  Wow! Really? This is not news to many of us who live in the real world where the struggle exists.

The article's main focus is the fact that the new face of food stamps is working age Americans, instead of the elderly and children as it has been in the past.

The article even goes on to state that many newly created U.S. jobs are low wage jobs that keeps low income families from actually obtaining self sufficiency.  Instead, the largest demographic of food stamp households are the working poor who use their SNAP benefits to supplement their income.

Such an admission is rare for a Republican slanted Fox News publication, but I'm glad they finally figured it out...

People do not need more food stamps or more low wage jobs, what we need are more short term job training programs that lead to jobs that pay a decent wage.  The WorkForce Investment Act Scholarship (WIA Scholarship) is one such job training program, but the funding is not always there and the requirements to get the scholarships can pose a challenge for some.  But, I digress....

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The New Face of Food Stamps is Working Age Americans

10,000 Low Income Individuals Lose Ohio Food Stamps

According to WBNS 10 TV, more than 10,000 Ohioans were cut from their Ohio SNAP Benefits due to work requirements. 

Although the loss of their food stamps is no small affair, there really should be work or training requirements placed upon anyone who receive food stamps, especially since the state of Ohio only required 20 hours of either work or job training.

The real question here is..."Were those jobs and job training programs offering a real opportunity?"

The Ohio food stamp recipients whose food stamps have been cut are single adults who do not have children, or their children are not on their benefits.

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10,000 Ohioans Lose Food Stamps Over Work Rules

Food Stamp Cuts Caused Nationwide Food Pantry Shortages

According to ThinkProgress, after food stamps were cut by the federal government in November of 2013, food pantries across the nation experienced dry shelves and drastic food shortages.

Now, Congress is gearing up for another round of food stamp cuts, and food pantries and food banks are expecting the same scenario.  Republicans have tried to institute cuts to SNAP Benefits that would kick more than 6 million low income families off of the program.

As the food banks and food pantries across the nation prepare for the cuts,  so too should we.  If anyone out there is fortunate enough to be able to donate to their local food pantry, please do so. 

In additiona, if you are reliant upon SNAP Benefits to feed your family, you might want to consider ways to reduce spending your food stamps, such as using them in conjunction with coupons or purchasing off brand products.

If you need help finding ways to reduce your spending, I wrote an ebook a couple of years ago that might help you out. It's called "How to Stretch Your Monthly Food Stamp Benefits."

If you would like to check out the original Think Progress story, click below:

New York City Pantries Ran out of Food After Food Stamps Were Cut

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