Additional Food Assistance

Food assistance may be a hard thing to have to ask for, but if you have low income, and you are living from paycheck to paycheck, it might be hard to stretch your dollars to cover food expenses for your family on a weekly basis.

Fortunately, there are many programs available for struggling families and individuals. Some you may already know about, and others may be new to you.

If you need help feeding your family, let go of your pride and reach out for help. No one should have to go hungry... especially, not here in the U.S. Hopefully one of these programs can be of service to you.

The following options may be available in your area:

Most people are aware of programs like food stamps (SNAP), WIC, and the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program. Obviously, if you do not have a job, you will probably qualify. However, you might not realize that.

You Could Qualify Even If You Are 


Do not assume that you do not qualify because you are employed. Enormous amounts of people in the U.S. are considered "Working Poor" because their income is not sufficient to support a family.

If you fall into this category (Working Poor), you should definitely apply for any of the various programs listed above. In addition, there are dozens of other food assistance programs that you may not be aware of.

It's a hard thing when you don't have the money to feed your family, but hopefully these food assistance programs will help to lighten some of the financial stress.

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