How to Apply for Tennessee Food Stamps (2015)

Wow! It appears the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) is still far behind the times. In order to apply for Tennessee Food Stamps in 2015, you have to visit your local DHS office.  Those backwards idiots need to be ashamed of themselves for being one of the only states to not allow the struggling people of its state to be able to apply for food stamps online.

Now, before some half-brained Republican reads this post and thinks I'm whining about the luxury of online applications for Tennessee SNAP Benefits, I'm applications are simply more efficient and economical for both the states and the applicants... The process would be quicker, and it would require less employees to initiate paperwork.

Anyway, I digress. If you need to apply for food stamps in Tennessee, visit your local DHS office - they will, at least, allow you to print off an application to fill it out ahead of time. 

Check out the two links below:

Tennessee Department of Human Services Family Assistance Application (click to print)

Tennessee Department of Human Services Local Office List and Map (click to print)

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