Glen Falls, NY Man Charged With Felony Misuse of Food Stamps - A Big Joke!

According to the Post-Star, 26 year old Michael Dean has been charged with a felony for misuse of NY Food Stamps. Basically, Dean failed to report his income, address, and household composition size when he was receiving NY SNAP Benefits...

Apparently, the horrible criminal got away with all of $1,896 in fraudulent benefits, police said. The two Super Heroes who handled the horrific case are Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin W. Conine and Department of Social Services Investigator Barbara Meade... Is this kind of petty B.S. all these people have to do?

It probably cost them more money to investigate the case, then bring this "criminal" to justice through the court system.  Good Job! 

Read the original article below:
Man Charged with Felony for Alleged Misuse of Food Stamps

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