What is Considered to be a Household for Food Stamps?

There is a lot of confusion about what is considered to be a household in order to meet food stamp eligibility.

A household, as far as SNAP Benefits are concerned, can be many of types of living arrangements.

Obviously, a household can be a traditional family, with a married couple only, or a married couple with children, but other living situations also qualify as a household for SNAP eligibility as well.

A household can be a single person who lives alone, or a group of people who live in the same home, purchase their food together, and share their meals.  The group of people does not need to be related in order to qualify as a household for food stamp eligibility purposes.

If you live in a situation where you buy your own food for yourself and/or your children, but you live with other people who buy their food separately from you, you should be able to apply for food stamps as a completely separate household.

 If you apply as a separate household, you may be able to get more food stamp benefits because the income of the other members of the household will not be calculated.

As far as SNAP eligibility goes, the less income you have, the more food stamps you will be eligible for in each monthly allotment.


  1. Can my ex husband's girlfriend claim my children on food stamps even though I have the kids 50 percent of the time and I can't apply and claim my own children because she is?

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    2. that is illegal and she can lose snap benefits permanently, with a possibility of being incarcerated

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  3. Im pretty sure if she has them 6 mos and 1 day out of the year she can claim them its only illegal if she doesnt have the kids

  4. My girlfriend and I live together we buy on ouw groceries and pay our own bills. Is she eligible for food stamps if I make to much?

  5. My ex husband spends a handful of nights (5-6 at the MOST) in my home a month and his caseworker says that he and his son will be added back on my case effective June 2017 and him and his sons case will be closed. She stated that the divorce and different mailing addresses do not separate us. He pays child support and again he only stays the night 5-6 times a month (typically his visitation times with our girls). Is this accurate? And if so how/why?



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