Atlanta Food Stamp Crisis - GA SNAP Program Cuts Benefits for Hundreds of Eligible Participants

Hundreds of low income families are without Georgia food stamps and other federal benefits in Cobb, Douglas and Cherokee counties because an increased demand for assistance has created a backlog of paperwork, the Georgia Department of Human Services said Thursday, October 13, 2011.

Hundreds of recipients lined up to DFACS offices after learning that their EBT Cards would notbe replenished with their Georgia SNAP Benefits.

According to DFACS:

"Due to the current economic situation we have experienced tremendous growth in those participating in the food stamp program which has impacted monthly benefit renewals and has increased the workload of DFCS staff," said Ravae Graham, a deputy director with the state Department of Human Services.

Apparently, Cobb County, Cherokee County, and Douglas County received more than 5,000 food stamp reviews in the month of September, and DFACS could not handle the workload.

DFACS will not answer phones, and no one is getting any answers about when their benefits will resume.

Instead, DFACS is giving out lists of local food banks, and they have stated that they are working in conjunction with the food banks.

However, some recipients claim that they have contacted every food bank on the list and they were told that they cannot help because there isn't enough food to go around.

If you have been affected by this crisis, please check out this list of Metro Atlanta Food Banks.

I hope it helps.

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